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The big box stores do not list the BTUs for the bagged pellets they sell and there is a reason for that.

The wood stove pellets we carry are between 8,000 and 8,300 BTU's per pound giving you a more efficient fuel source and longer burning times.

New England Wood Pellets are a high quality, PFI Certified premium grade pellet fuel made from a proprietary blend of hardwood and other wood species. Stoves Plus is a Northeastern United States Retailer. 
Timber Products Inspection, Inc. Certificate of Qualification

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Heat Value 
8,000-8,300 BTU's/lb. at 3% moisture
Moisture Content 3 to 5%
Ash Content 
0.4-0.6% (PFI Premium Standard <1.0%)
Density ≥40 lb./cu ft.



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