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Shrink Wrapping

We offer a shrink wrapping service for our customers. Shrink wrap is the best means of protecting your boat from the snow, rain and ice during those long, cold and windy winter months. It’ll keep your boat warm when the sun shines and dry on even the worst of days.

We use 7 mil plastic for all wrapping projects and can wrap anything including boats, RV’s, campers, farm equipment and vehicles and more.

Shrink Wrapping offers a safe and durable solution for your boats winter storage period and allows for outside storage. Shrink Wrap provides better protection from the elements compared to tarps or canvass covers as these tend to collapse, gather water, and allow water to seep through. A properly installed Shrink Wrap cover prevents any water from coming through the cover and creates a tight puncture resistant and water proof custom fit cover to protect your boat.

Shrink Wrap also provides a deterrent to criminal actions during the off season due to the tight fitting form they provide. At your request we can also install an access door which would allow you to enter your boat to complete those winter projects or yearly maintenance, all while maintaining its waterproof feature.

All wraps include a complete support system to shed your boat of rain and snow and standard ventilation to help reduce the mold and mildew inside the boat.

Also, please inquire about our boat storage locations as well.

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