Stoves Plus sweeps chimneys year round

A basic sweep is sizing the chimney flue with the correct brush and removing the brushable creosote or soot from the interior of the chimney so it can properly vent hazardous gases. We recommend having all of your active chimneys and or flues swept annually.

As a homeowner, you should check with your local code enforcement office to confirm your city/town’s requirements.

Stoves Plus sweeps oil, wood, gas, coal and pellet stove flues. Many people do not realize that their oil boiler/furnace flues should be swept.

They should be checked annually just like all other flues that are venting hazardous gases. Squirrels and rodents love to nest in flues that are not used frequently; therefore these flues should be swept/inspected annually.

*Please allow your wood burning stoves and fireplaces sufficient time to cool down before our scheduled appointment and there is access to clean out doors, so we are able to properly sweep and access your flues.

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